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CCMA PROGRAM: $4000.00 (Classes: 7 wks Mon - Thur: 8am-4pm & Clinicals; 60 hrs Scheduled w/ Instructor) All 3 Courses. Phlebotomy, EKG, & CCMA.
Individual Classes
Phlebotomy: $1400.00 (Mon-Thur: 8am-4pm)
EKG: $800.00 (Mon-Thur: 8am-4pm)
CCMA: $1800.00 (Mon.- Thurs: 8am-4pm)
State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA/CNA) Classes
In-Class Course: $630.00 Online Course: $650.00
SRNA Weekday: $630.00 (2 wks Mon - Fri: 8am-4pm)
SRNA Weekend: $630.00 (5 wks Sat - Sun: 8am-4pm)
SRNA Night: $630.00 (11 wks Mon & Wed 5pm-9pm)
Pick the dates for Skills and Clinicals. Call/Email Office if you need to discuss available dates.
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Application Information
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*KY Healthcare Training does not discriminate against race, gender, or disability. This information is only requested for statistics in collaboration with Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics.
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Emergency Contact Information
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Emergency Contact Phone Number
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We will run a background check on the first day of class. If you have a felony, abuse charges, or drug charges you may not be allowed to attend clinicals, which is necessary for completion of the courses. Please provide information in the field above. We invite you to call our office as not all situations are the same.
I give KY Healthcare Training, its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me relating to my medical training at KHT. I authorize KHT to use and publish any images in print, or electronically.
KY Healthcare Training respects your privacy. Graduating classes like to share success stories on social media. Accepting this waiver allows for the use of your image on social media and in marketing. You do not have to accept this and you may request your image not be used at any time after this by submitting a request to Ky Healthcare Training.
Refund Policy
KY Healthcare Training will not refund your class costs if you cancel or do not finish the course. However, If a class is cancelled due low enrollment, inclement weather, or any other reason deemed appropriate by management, KY Healthcare Training will refund your tuition. KY Healthcare Training reserves the right to make the final decision for all refund requests.
Filing a Complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education
To file a complaint with Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, each person filing must submit a completed “Form to file a Complaint” (PE-24} to the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education by mail to Capital Plaza Tower. Room 302, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort Kentucky 40601. This form can be found on the website at
School Protection Fund
KRS 165A.450 requires each school licensed by the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary to contribute to a student protection Fund which will be used to pay off debt incurred due to the closing of a school, discontinuance of a program, loss of license, or loss of accreditation by a school or program. To file a claim against the Student Protection Fund, each person filing must submit a completed “Form for Claims Against the Student Protection Fund. This form can be found on the website at
By signing this form you are agreeing to the following and are entering into a legal & financial agreement with KY Healthcare Training LLC. 1. To follow all enrollment guideline for the course I have applied for. 2. To follow the class attendance policy and understand that make up hours are not guaranteed and attendance is expected for all classes. A $25 an hour fee may be charged for additional instruction time. 3. I will provide a two step TB test, blood draw, or chest x-ray by noon the class day before clinicals, or I will not be able to attend. 4. Fully pay for my selected class or classes. 5. To give KY Healthcare Training LLC permission to obtain a KY criminal background check and verify my eligibility with the KY nurse aid registry. 6. I understand that if I have an outstanding balance with KCTCS I may not be able to take the KY Medicaid Nurse Aide competency test. 7. That I may enroll for a course until the first day of class as long as the class has openings and enrollment guidelines are met. 8. That KY Healthcare Training LLC requires an application and a non-refundable deposit at the time of registration. The deposit is deducted from the class balance. Deposit for: SRNA online must be paid in full SRNA $300 Phlebotomy $700 EKG $400 CCMA course $900 Combined deposit for CCMA program: CCMA, Phlebotomy, EKG $2000 9. I understand that the remainder of my payment is due by the last day of my class. 10. If more time is needed to make class payments, I must have a payment plan approved by the office administrator. Full payment must be received before we will issue certificates of completion and before I am able to sit for my state or National exam. 11. KY Healthcare Training accepts cash, check, money orders, Visa, MasterCard or Discover and vouchers. 12. We do not grant refunds unless we cancel a course. In that case, we will first try to reschedule, but if that is not possible, tuition will be refunded. 13. A $25 late fee will be charged every month after the first 30 days after my class has ended. 14. I may be charged a $50 fee if I reschedule my class for another date (effective Nov. 9,2017). 15. ”Consent to Wireless Telephone calls: If at any time I provide a wireless telephone number at which I may be contacted, I consent to receive calls or text messages, including but not restricted to communication regarding billing and payment for items and services, unless I notify the school to the contrary in writing. In this section, calls and text messages include but are not restricted to pre-recorded messages, artificial voice messages, automatic telephone dialing devices or other computer assisted technology, or by electronic mail, text messaging or by any other form of electronic communication from the school, affiliates, contractors, servicers, attorneys or its agents including collection agencies.” 16. “Consent to email usage: if at any time I provide my email address at which I may be contacted, unless I notify the school to the contrary in writing, I consent to receiving communication regarding billing and payment for items and services at that email address from the school, affiliates, contractors, servicers, attorneys or its agents including collection agencies.”