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Tuberculosis (TB) Test Policy

Tuberculosis (TB) Test Policy

TB Testing Policy

          All students required to attend clinicals must be deemed, clinically, free of tuberculosis prior to clinical rotations. To do this, students must have either the TB Gold or T Spot blood test, a chest x-ray, or a two step TB skin test. The two step skin test involves obtaining a TB skin test, go back in two days to have it read for interpretation then go back in seven to ten days for another skin test and return in two days to have it read. The TB skin tests and the chest x-ray may be obtained at Urgent Care Lexington at 1701 Nicholasville Rd or the blood test may be obtained at Baptist Worx at 1051 Newtown Pike. The blood test involves having a blood sample taken and tested for TB, Baptist Worx requires the pt. be seen before 2:30 pm and the test results are back within 24 hours.

If you have a current 1-step TB skin test (within the last year), you will need to get the second step or you may opt to get the blood draw test.

If we do not receive your TB test by the deadline, you will not be able to attend your clinical dates and will need to reschedule them with the lead instructor. We will only allow students to reschedule one(1)time.  

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